Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Busy weekend

When the butterfly lady and I lived in Walla Walla the first time, we had a medium-size apartment (square footage? who knows, but it was a pretty large two-bedroom type), and we had a fairly large amount of stuff. When we moved to New Hampshire, we shipped our books and carried everything else with us in our car and a 5-foot-by-8-foot U-Haul trailer.

Before we moved, we got rid of a hell of a lot of stuff. We didn't even take a bed, just a futon.

The place we moved into in New Hampshire also had two bedrooms but was much smaller, so we had to get rid of a lot more stuff. Yet, when we moved back, we had to rent a truck, a fairly large one at that, to haul all our stuff, even though we got rid of a lot of . Our apartment didn't grow in the intervening years, but it sure seemed that way on moving day.

Now we have a house, and we spent the weekend doing spring cleaning (the weather was decidedly vernal over the three-day) until all hours of the night. Fun, but not exactly relaxing.

  • Got a router/wireless base station - Now the smartypants doesn't have to hook the damn ethernet cable to her laptop just to go online. That's only been two years in coming.
  • Assembled a photo album/organized old letters - Doesn't sound like much, but now all that stuff is way more organized and takes up way less room. I should have done this when space was at a premium.
  • Bought a couple of organize-y drawer things for the butterfly lady to use in the closet - Hey, I didn't have to do much except take out my toolbox, aka wallet.
  • Weeded out a bunch of junkola - Like my father, I looked at my late uncle's (his brother's) house - overrun with stuff, and when I say overrun, I mean stuffed to the gills - and thought, "If that runs in the family, it isn't running with me."
  • Wove a lot - The warp I'm working on is nearly done, but I've got a couple more behind it...
  • Made clam chowder - How is that spring cleaning? Well, it helped me reorganize some bacon, clams, potatoes and milk that were cluttering the place up, and we were able to put a fair amount of it "away."
maybe there were some other things, too, but my brain is full.


Holly said...

Remember how you helped me cull and then re-organize my shelves full of teaching materials, journals, books, etc... that was a big project.

I bet tonight you're going to extend the spring cleaning thing to the office ... but I hope you re-organize some ingredients from the fridge and spice cabinet first. The heavy lifting you're about to do requires more than just soup to get you through it... you're going to need to have a steak I think!

Alasdair said...

I bet you are correct. A hundred bucks! I think you are also right about red meat :)

gorillaboy said...

Last week, we had to reorganize the fridge as well, but unfortunately it was due to a 30+ hour power outage, so it was real easy - everything but the soda went away.

It's amazing how much useless stuff a fridge can accumulate, after pitching almost everything and restocking it with what we ACTUALLY use, there's so much more room now.