Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Wild Life

OK, so Lulu called me out (nicely, though): I mostly do not have a wild & crazy existence. The butterfly lady and I have our nest here in a quiet town and a couple of dogs that take up a lot of our time. We spend a lot of time just hanging around, which suits us.

This doesn't mesh with the expectations of many of my past acquaintances and friends, who expected me to... what? In college, I was named most likely to be involved in a scandal of some sort. And although I have not been apprehended in connection with any known criminal conspiracies, it is possible that career path might have been expected by certain of my potential associates.

Hey, I don't mind. And on a somewhat more exciting note, the butterfly lady & I did score tickets for a Regina Spektor show in one of the larger cities in our area in April. Maybe that's a start :)


Holly said...

Great, tell everyone (i.e. potential burglars) when we will actually be out of town doing something a little more wild and crazy!

Alasdair said...

Hey, I didn't say which show we'd be at. And the housesitter will throw them off anyway (as will Her Newfness, the Czarina of Home Security).

Chase said...

you under estimate the power of a porterhouse steak!