Monday, February 05, 2007

The Superb Owl

I am not sure where I fall on the sports-fan continuum, but I think it is safe to say that although I like sports and am athletic and competitive, I don't spend a lot of time hanging on the outcomes of big games.

I am highly aware of what's going on - partly my job, partly my interest - but I just don't wind up being very involved emotionally. Hey, the Cardinals won the World Series. That's cool, because I'm a fan, but if they had lost I wouldn't have been heartbroken. (Mystified, maybe, because the Tigers did everything they could to lose...)

So I didn't watch the Super Bowl. And I'm kinda pleased with that choice - I think the Colts are annoying, plus the butterfly lady and I had a nice dog walk in the fog with zero other people out and about during the fourth quarter.

From what I hear and read, I didn't miss much.

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Chase said...

Apparently some of the Chicago Bears were also out walking their dogs during the fourth quarter...actually from what I saw...some left to take care of their canines around the end of the first quarter and never quite made it back!