Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Staph nose

I have finally defeated, I think, staph nose.

Maybe it will come back, but I haven't had a bout in quite a while. Not coincidentally, I suspect, I have started using a nose clip at the pool. Ergo, I'm not congested around the clock and maybe not such a good breeding ground for our friends the bacteria.

I bring this up because I have noticed a spike in unique visitors to this blog, and statcounter informs me that many (most :) visitors come here by googling "staph nose" or "staph in nose" or "staphylococcus aureus in proboscis" or something like that.

I strongly suspect either an outbreak or a routine seasonal spike in staph infections. Of course, as an influential member of the media, I don't have to sit around wondering. I'll report back after a member of my staff has investigated.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, THANK YOU, for the update, and such a recent update, too. I'm one of the ones who googled "staph nose," because what I suspected was a cold sore in my nose, seems a bit out of hand for my usual, annual bout.
I have a puffy, red nose, and while I do have the cold sore symptoms on the rim of my left nostril, I suspect the infection is far up in my nose. I'm thinking of switching from Abreva (for the cold sore) to mupiricin left over from my husband's staph infection last January (gotten from his mom, because she wasn't careful). He was in the hospital for a week with MRSA, and home convalescing from 4 spots for 3 weeks afterward.
It's Thanksgiving weekend, and naturally our wonderful American insurance company isn't open for precertification to the hospital, and I'm not willing to pay up to $1,000 for an ER visit, so close to Xmas. Wish me luck it's just an out-of-hand cold sore, and not staph...