Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Talk like an Egyptian

An interesting tidbit showed up in a wire story about a former police officer suspected of killing his wife. A previous wife, who died under possibly suspicious circumstances, has been exhumed, to which the ex-officer said (to NBC):

"It's a shame her rest in peace has to be disturbed for something like this."

Uh, what?

So, she's just taking a nap in that coffin? Does that mean that if the Cubs win the World Series, she'll be exhumed and he'll be happy?

Weird with a capital W.


Field Notes said...

Yes, and creepy. I watched the Matt L interview of him on TV. He appears to be a very well-practiced liar, but when directly asked about whether she was dead and if he killed her, he raised his eyebrows slightly while answering. Now 'm not saying that's him caught red handed lying, but I think that little microexpression reinforced the doubt in my mind.

lulu said...

My grandfather will rise from the dead of the Cubs win the World's Series.

Alasdair said...

So will my grandmother, and they can have a party!