Sunday, November 04, 2007

What's your favorite doughnut?

I'm torn between maple bars and bearclaws.

Although I don't mind Boston cream, old-fashioned (like you get at Mister Donut), glazed... Um, OK, I like doughnuts period, I suppose.

As I've suggested here or elsewhere, one of the hidden benefits of working at my current employer's place is the occasional appearance of doughnuts, for any of several "reasons." I do have to swim them off, of course, but I'm not one to look a raspberry jelly in the mouth.

Wouldn't that be something to put on your resume: Invented doughnuts. That'd be the ultimate get-out-of-jail card.

Plus, here's the video for that super-awesome/wicked-dippy iPhone commercial song:


Anonymous said...

I agree - doughnuts are great. Beware of Krispy Kremes. When they come to your town, doughnuts change - kind of like the "Walmart Effect".

lulu said...

I'm all about the Boston Cream. There is a place in the Chicago 'burbs where they make ones that are over 1/2 a pound.


Chase said...

Apple Fritters! Maple bars are good too and maple cruellers...and as far as Krispy Kreme...I made a rule...unless I personally watch it come off the production thingy I am not allowed to eat them...because they are really good but best FRESH...after an realize what you are actually eating...and I know they are evil because they take biz from the mom and pops but....