Thursday, January 26, 2006

Burns Supper - tasty!

The recipes came from Rampant Scotland's recipe section, and the menu was, indeed:

Chicken in the heather
Potato scones
Cauliflower cheese and whisky

and a bottle of Speyburn's 10-year old single-malt Scotch

The chicken was quite delicately flavored, which came as something of a surprise considering the ingredients. The sauce for the cauliflower - also a delicate dish - made a nice gravy for the chicken and potatoes, too. Quite good food, if I do say so myself, and it really only took about two hours from scratch to table.

Readings were read, of course, including a hilarious rendition by Dave of "Nine Inch Will Please a Lady."

I'm still leery of manufacturing haggis, but I think the supper's a keeper :)

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