Friday, January 06, 2006

there's a fly in my soup!

In the form of this guy, also a regular at the pool, who apparently hasn't figured out that the Monkey Playing Soldier (yeah, yeah, Plane) puts his arms in other people's space. If you're going to do a backstroke, keep your damn hands out of my lane.

There's plenty of room because the pool is configured for the lap swim with only two lane dividers instead of five. In each of these three boulevards the establishment seems to believe belong three swimmers, so their ingenious configuration increases turbulence while reducing the number of swimmers. Super!

Mostly, though, I'm annoyed with backstroke guy, who swims close to the lane barrier and swipes at passers-by, who include me. Well, whatever. He stayed the hell away from me Thursday, to swim about 2,200 meters unmolested.

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