Thursday, January 12, 2006

need more time/more speed

probably the latter more than the former. Wednesday's swim was a 500 meter and a mile and according to the pool authorities ran 12 seconds over the alotted time for lap swimmers. drat.

I could see the heat coming, so the last 100 or 150 was pretty quick. Which shows I now have more than two speeds (sink & swim).

On a related note, swim gear I ordered Friday shipped (not arrived, damn it) yesterday. Yegods, I didn't order a swimming POOL, just some regular stuff. Maybe they had to manufacture each item first. By hand.

In an unrelated development, the last scarf of warp II is on deck, which means a flurry of warping over the weekend. And a coincidental flurry of forgetting to post images of the stock so far. :)

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