Thursday, January 05, 2006

A folk song archive

While shopping for White Stripes music at the iTunes Music Store, I found the band's cool rendition of Black Jack Davey, a song I hadn't heard before. I listened to the other versions available at the store, but they did nothing for me. So I went out a-huntin'.

And found this

As the site - and others - notes, Max Hunter was a traveling salesman in the Ozarks (based near my sometimes old stomping grounds in Springfield, Mo.) and recorded about 1,600 songs from 1956-1976. What a feat he performed! You can access all these recordings for free, and with ease, bro.

I particulary like Black Jack Davey (and Black Jack Davy, respectively) sung by Wise Jones and Sara Jo Bell...

It's always nice to find these treasures :)

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