Friday, January 13, 2006

stuff arrives!

goggles (now assembled!) and trunks (no speedo yet :) and pants (that actually fit!), oh my.

hurray for shipping finally coming through.

I don't know that I'm done, but that makes 25 pounds or so and 2 pant sizes since August or so. Most of that was done early, but the second pant size is recent.

thank goodness.

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a mere wave of divine light said...

we're probably the only two people in the morbidly obese country that is the united states who lost weight over the christmas holiday. (upon my return home, i tipped the scale at 148!!! shit!) and, i tell you what, we know the secret of our "success", don't we...

anyhow, the only reason i'm responding is that, admittedly, i glanced at your blog recently and read about your nasal problems. here's a tip, from me to you. try a neti pot. it works wonders and frees you from the bondage of crappy OTC products (which have addictive properties). plus, the neti pot may spare you from using the dreaded clip, which is monumentally uncool in the swimming world (along with those bathing caps with the chin strap).

keep in mind that our bodies are incredibly intelligent (and clever). we manifest all sorts of psychological stuff in physical ways. perhaps your nasal issues are not so much a function of pool chemistry or swimming technique, but instead a manifestation of stress or the like. it's easy to examine the physical world for clues, but often a look inward affords more information than one might expect.