Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Decongestant Times, Vol. 4

Yeah, yeah, I know: Volume isn't the same as Issue, but I called it Vol. 3 last time, so here's Vol. 4.

I don't mind buying Claritin-D, but I'm not sold on long-term daily use. For the most part, I have only used it on days I swim, and I also make a point of thoroughly rinsing out my snoot and its related ductwork after each workout. Last night, at the butterfly lady's suggestion, I did another rinse 'round bedtime.

I did not take a pill because I want to see if I can get by with fewer doses than swims each week. The rinse helped: I didn't wake up 18 times to blow my nose (just the usual reasons - to take the puppy out and for no apparent reason a few other times) or rise in the morning with severe stuffiness. That said, it's been a sneezy, runny-nose morning, so the experiment continues...

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