Thursday, July 20, 2006

incremental progress

I think some newbies are running the show at the pool: The past few days have been inconsistent, at best, when it comes to the start time.

Yesterday the lap swim began three or four minutes late. This seems to have been no big deal to anybody but me, because everybody else has a workout that doesn't use the whole 60 minutes, but I haven't the luxury of standing around. When the lifeguard says, "go," I go.

So I pushed a little in the warmup but still only had 45 minutes left for a 2,000 and a cooldown. I don't know if the limited time frame was the reason, but I finished with a bit of room to spare, a first for me at that distance. I think I could have squeezed in another 200, but I think I'll save that for next week, because I'm still leery of invoking the wrath of my left arm. I find I only aggravate whatever the injury is at the end of a workout, probably because I don't stay as loose and smooth when I'm tired.

Whatever. I'm still pretty sure I'll be able to get to 3,000 meters per workout by Sept. 6, which is close enough to my goal of two miles for government work.

All of this beats running, anyway. Especially when you look at the projected 100- to 105-degree highs for the weekend...

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