Friday, July 14, 2006

on the menu

The addition of our now-not-so-little bear cub reminds me that the old days of cooking for the week on the weekend should be the new days, too. I've been in a make-food-on-demand rut since the necessity of bulk of cooking on Saturday and Sunday lifted (aka when we got the hell out of the Granite State).

On the list for this weekend's cooking extravaganza:
  • Baked tomatoes stuffed with kheema and fried onions (with locally raised lamb and Walla Walla Sweets grown in our yard)
  • Samosas filled with sookhe aloo
  • Improvised naan (We don't have a tandoor for the naan, man)
  • Chana dal, and maybe dals built on black-eyed peas, split peas and/or yellow peas (I can't remember what all we have on hand)
  • Hummus (if there're any chickpeas left over. I love chana dal.)
  • Spaghetti skwash of some sort (if it was an acorn squash, I'd just stuff it with kheema and bake it. Maybe I'll pick one up - at the same time as I buy more storage containers!)
We'll see how many of these things come to pass. I'm also thinking of a chutney or two, if only because I (gasp!) oftentimes overlook making my own.

It is hard to beat quality time in the kitchen with the (quick, call 20/20!) culinarily inclined butterfly lady and the inevitable eight paws and two snouts.

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Chase said...

good because i need to lists to prep for Piper's arrival!