Monday, July 10, 2006


Aside from the pesky left-arm trouble, pool and loom times have sailed along nicely of late. On Saturday, I took advantage of the longer lap-swim session to add 200 meters to my regular distance.

What my "regular" distance is changes from day to day, but typically I have been able to go 2,400 meters (500 warmup, 1,800, 100 cooldown) or 2,600 meters (500, 2,000, 100) each day.

I could of course go much farther, but there's only an hour and I'm not particularly speedy. So I jacked up the middle of the workout to 2,200 meters, which put my time in the pool at about 65 minutes. My goal remains to get the middle to 2,600 meters so I can swim two miles in an hour, but that seems like a long, long way off.

Well, I guess that's how a good goal works.

At the loom, I've been tooling along through a couple of warps worth of contract work before returning to my sometimes-on-hold own work.

In a fit of pique, I reconfigured the basement, which in the fullness of time I plan to use as the weaving area. Weaving is exercise, so the cooler temperatures would be a benefit, and there is plenty of light - mostly because of the egress window.

Besides, the pup likes to be rambunctious, and the hard edges of the loom, bobbin-winding station and creel aren't too friendly. As it happens, the butterfly lady has the only shiner to show from the loom, and impressive multicolored job.

I was planning to make the move later in the year, when the loom returns from its annual vacation in southwestern Missouri. But I feel amibitious, so I might do the switch when I finish the warp I'm working on now.

Maybe the butterfly lady will veto the plan, but then I'll just wait until she's away for a few hours or asleep and do it sneaky like. :)

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Holly said...

You sound like our pups! Those nerd birds only ever get away with their sneakiness for a little while you know :+) If/When you decide to create a huge gap in the loom room, for Katy's sake throw down another rug so she doesn't create a Slip N' Slide there!