Sunday, July 02, 2006


Toast is hard to beat. At the very least, it is warm and crispy and a perfect place for jelly to lay...

Being an enthusiastic toast consumer but also highly cognizant of bread's highly caloric nature, I've re-become a big fan of English muffins. I think I started gobbling them up again after moving to the city, so that's only the past year and change... anyway, a muffin (both halves) has the same number of calories as a typical slice of bread, so you could have two pieces of bread or four muffin halves. Yeah, I know, that's silly math but it works for me.

English muffins also seem to be heat resistant. My toaster has nine settings (unlike my fan, which is also a liar), and regular toast is a 5. English muffins are a 9, and that's only if you want your muffin just lightly browned.

Fewer calories and harder to toast. Just like that other delicious snack: tinfoil.


lulu said...

Where do you stand on the bagel?

Alasdair said...

I try to avoid standing on bagels, but if I have to, I shoot for the edges, because they're much easier to stay balanced on.

I suppose they're fine. I had an everything baqel below and above some turkey, cream cheese and "cranberry" sauce the other day and it was pretty good. Too many damn poppy seeds, though: My fingers were coated with little black dots when I finished the sandwich.

Wait! Was that a rhetorical question?